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Alcoholics Anonymous in Southern Wisconsin

Area 75 (So. WI) Literature Committee

The Area 75 Literature Committee meets whenever the Area 75 Standing Committees meet in conjunction with Area 75 meetings and assemblies. We also meet on Saturday afternoon at the Spring Conference. We use a round-the-table format to share our experience, strength, and hope on the subject of carrying AA's message through AA's literature. We concern ourselves with both General Service Approved and A.A. Service literature. We concern ourselves with printed, web transmitted, audio, and audiovisual works. Membership is open to DCM's, GSR's, District Literature Chairs, and to any member who has an interest in AA's literature.

After our Fellowship has been in existence for twenty-five years, Bill W. wrote that our message would have by then become hopelessly garbled as it was transmitted by word of mouth from one member to another and by our members to interested individuals and groups outside of AA. (See The Language of the Heart, pg. 348 for Bill's exact words and for the complete quote.) By joining the Area 75 Literature Committee, you can share in the vital work of making literature available, of adding to your group's or district's experience through literature, and of making inputs for changes to our literature. We hope you will come by and join us!