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Alcoholics Anonymous in Southern Wisconsin

The Area 75 Grapevine Committee

The Area 75 Grapevine Committee meets at 9:00 a.m. during the Area 75 Winter Service Assembly, the Area 75 Delegate's Workshop, the Area 75 Spring Summer Service Assembly, and the Fall Service Assembly. It also meets on Saturday afternoon following the Area 75 Spring Conference Assembly. Any interested A.A. member is welcome to attend. Group Grapevine Reps (GvR's) and La Vina Reps(RLV's) are encouraged to attend. District Grapevine/ LaVina Chairs are urged to attend.

So what does the committee do? The Area 75 Grapevine Committee is a place where those with an interest in the A.A. Grapevine, the international Journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, hear news about the Grapevine magazine and its books and other products. We share experience, strength and hope with regard to our own use of the Grapevine in our recoveries, in our group life, and in our service to A.A. Our Grapevine and LaVina Reps note that being a GvR is a GREAT way for you or for your sponsees to enter service work! They feel the Grapevine is an AWESOME publication!!! Some of our GvR's here feel a strong link between being a Grapevine/LaVina subscriber/reader and actually acquiring more solid sobriety. Do you and your Home Group have subscriptions?

In the spring of 2011, the Grapevine unveiled a new website design and released some exciting new DIGITAL products. Please take a moment to visit www.aagrapevine.org for more information. Do check out the FREE trial subscription while you are there.

For members engaging in Corrections service work--the former Count On Us Fund and the former Area 75 Rainbow Fund have been combined into the new Area 75 Corrections Literature Fund. Part of that fund supplies Grapevine/LaVina subscriptions for groups meeting inside correctional facilities inside Area 75. You or your group can make a contribution to the fund through the Area 75 Treasurer. Mail to: Area 75 Treasurer, PMB #167, 5464 North Port Washington Rd., Glendale, WI 53217. Outside sponsors seeking subscriptions or renewals can contact either the Area 75 Corrections Chair or the Area 75 Grapevine Chair for information.