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Alcoholics Anonymous in Southern Wisconsin
What the Treatment Committee Does

What is Bridging the Gap?

A Treatment program designed to help ease the transition from treatment facility to living back in the clients’ home community.

The patient is matched with an AA member from his or her home community who will take the client to meetings and introduce him or her to other AA members.

How Does the BTG Program Work?

The treatment patient completes a “Patient Application” including their name, contact information, address upon discharge, and discharge date.

This form is sent to the Treatment Chair who contacts the District Treatment/BTG Chair where the client will be residing upon discharge.

The information is then passed along to one of the local volunteers.

The volunteer will contact the patient prior to discharge and will arrange to take the person to an AA meeting within 24-48 hours of discharge.

A successful “bridge” occurs when the newcomer is taken to a meeting within 24 to 48 hours of discharge.

There are also other ways to “bridge the gap” that the treatment committee can share with you such as telephone hotlines, phone lists, etc.